“Educating heart and mind”




An Educational Project that recognizes the unique identity of each student and their multiple intelligences profile. An Educational Project in which students are protagonists and design their own learning path to develop the competencies they need in the 21st century.


A project attentive to global needs, capable of accompanying schools in a new way of educating, convinced that education is the best instrument to change the world and willing to offer better educational quality at the most disadvantaged contexts.


A training program that empowers teachers to achieve a systemic transformation of the school with a new curriculum adapted to the 21st century, an active and service-oriented methodology and an evidence-based evaluation for learning, new student roles (leader of his own learning and manager of his emotions) and the teacher (coach, entrepreneur and member of a team), a student-centered organization and spaces where everything is learning.



Teacher Training Program for all the teachers and leaders of a school

  • Direct Training for all teachers and leaders
  • Three modules during three years
  • Accreditation for teachers


Training for school teams so that they can train the teachers of their schools

  • Training for teams of teachers and leaders
  • Training offered through organizations
  • Teams go back to train the teachers of the school


Online teacher training platform for blended learning

  • Courses for teachers to use in schools or organizations
  • On-site and distance learning (blended)
  • Personalized pathways to change


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Colegio Montserrat at Teach for All Global Conference

Over 400 members of the Teach For All community came together the week of 24-26th October in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria for Teach For All’s annual Global Conference. In one of the experiential sessions, participants could “live” our educational model.
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Awareness creation in Chile

On 2nd November, M. Montserrat Del Pozo speaks about Change and Innovation in schools for a group of 200 schools leaders in Santiago de Chile. The next steps will be to start the teacher training program with a group of 150 teachers (15 schools).
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Teacher Training in Barcelona

Teacher Training for 180 teachers at Colegio Montserrat (Barcelona) on 29th and 30th October.  The topic was Cooperative learning and Project Based Learning.


"This school is operating on a world's stage and not only on a Barcelona's stage".

Dr. Howard Gardner

Visiting Colegio Montserrat
"The teachers, the students and the radically disruptive nuns who are leading a global learning movement".

Charles Leadbeater

The problem solvers

Nazaret Global Education in Cameroon

"Excelente taller. Me parece que hace mucho tiempo no me sentía tan motivada por aprender más e impulsar cambios importantes. Pienso que este cambio será muy bueno para nuestros estudiantes".

Carla. Profesora en Quito, Ecuador


Pilot School with excellent results

Colegio Montserrat is visited every year by more than 300 educational professionals nation and global wide. This school is Nº 1 in ranking publish by “El Mundo” (Spain). All students take university entrance exams and pass them.

Teachers and leaders trained

More than 6000 teachers and leaders have been trained. In Cameroun and Latin America 1.300 teachers have been trained. Those teachers have changed their methodology in the classroom.

Schools transformed

The change has been achieved by more than 600 schools directly or indirectly through the teacher training that has been offered in Spain. There is now a movement in Spain to change the educational paradigm.


We need your help to bring the teacher training programs to communities in need:

Brasil, Cameroun, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Venezuela and Indonesia.


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