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NGE. Tripod Learning. Formative Assessment. Rubrics online

First Nazareth corporate webinar on "NGE Tripod Learning. Formative Assessment. Online rubrics". Here you can see the training video (in Spanish)
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A Project for Understanding from home (Brasil)

An example of a Project for Understanding in Brazil carried out in remote learning. With a video about the process.
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Nazaret Webinar about Gamification

Nazaret Webinar about Gamification. To watch again and apply in the classroom!



A charism inspired by the Holy Spirit to Saint Joseph Manyanet, "One Nazareth in every home". From the conviction of the value of the human person and with Jesus the Master as a model, it is committed to bringing human, intellectual, professional, spiritual and social excellence to the world, through its educational mission, prioritizing the most disadvantaged places.


The mission of Nazareth has no borders because it is part of the evangelical imperative "Go to all the world". It is attentive to the needs of society, to which it responds by accompanying both people and educational ministries in their growth, and offering the best opportunities, convinced that education is an excellent evangelizing platform.


"Educate heart and mind". Our commitment to educational quality, which covers all the dimensions of the person, drives us to seek and offer the best means that allow each one to follow their own learning journey to develop all their competences and to put them at the service of others.



Teacher Training Program for all the teachers and leaders of a school

  • Direct training for all teachers an leaders of a school
  • Three modules during three years
  • Accreditation for teachers


Training for school teams so that they can train the teachers of their schools

  • Training for teams of teachers and leaders
  • Direct training offered through organisations
  • Teams train the teachers of their school


Online teacher training platform for blended learning

  • Courses for schools and organisations
  • Distance and in-school training (blended)
  • Personalised pathways for change



Because the source of action always resides in prayer, and strength is born inside, we organise and offer:

  • Experiences of silence, deepening and retreat days in our houses of spirituality.
  • The opportunity for pilgrimages to Rome, to the birthplace of our founders and the Camino de Santiago.


Aware of the need to promote creativity and entrepreneurship in young people, we are creating spaces for entrepreneurship in different countries.

  • Cultural space: Innovation, creativity, Spirituality and Purpose
  • Spaces for social entrepreneurship


The Congregation has missions in different countries, so it offers the possibility of carrying out an educational ministry.

  • Professional Cooperation Projects
  • Volunteering Projects


Students in our schools have opportunities to investigate the world, recognise perspectives, act and communicate.

  • International Education
  • Service Learning
  • Research


"This school is operating on a world's stage and not only on a Barcelona's stage".

Dr. Howard Gardner

Visita el Colegio Montserrat
"The teachers, the students and the radically disruptive nuns who are leading a global learning movement".

Charles Leadbeater

The problem solvers

Nazaret Global Education

"Excelente taller. Me parece que hace mucho tiempo no me sentía tan motivada por aprender más e impulsar cambios importantes. Pienso que este cambio será muy bueno para nuestros estudiantes".

Carla. Profesora en Quito, Ecuador


An excellent school

More than 700 education professionals nationally and globally visit Col·legi Montserrat each year to learn about an educational project that helps students design their own learning journey to develop the skills they need in the 21st century.

Trained teachers

More than 20,000 teachers and leaders have been trained in innovative methodologies in action, which have been applied directly or indirectly in over 1,000 schools around the world.

Transformed schools

The change has been achieved by more than 1,000 schools directly or indirectly through the teacher training that has been offered. The transformation is reaching 228,000 students.


We need your help to bring teacher training programs to communities in need:

Brasil, Cameroun, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Venezuela, Indonesia and Timor-Leste.